Solid-Liquid Work of Adhesion

S. Gulec, R. Tadmor, R. Das, J. Liu, H. N'guessan, M. Shah, P. Wasnik, S.B. Yadav
Lamar University,
United States

Keywords: adhesion, wetting, measurement


Centrifugal Adhesion Balance (CAB) is used for measuring directly solid-liquid work of adhesion by inducing an ever-increasing normal force which pulls on the droplet while keeping zero lateral force until the liquid-solid contact area starts to shrink spontaneously. Upon detachment of the liquid from the surface, the work of adhesion is then calculated based on Tate’s law. This method mimics a pendant drop that is subjected to a gravitational force that is gradually increasing. After describing the method, we will describe how the work of adhesion varies for different systems