Zwitterionic Polymer Surfactants for Drug Delivery

Z. Cao
Wayne State University,
United States

Keywords: zwitterion, drug delivery, nanomedicine


Zwitterionic polymers have found a wide range of applications based on excellent non-fouling properties. It has been demonstrated that their use as surface coatings can effectively resist binding from proteins, cells, and full blood. Nanoparticles coated with zwitterionic polymers exhibited long blood circulation time in vivo. These excellent properties were attributed to the unique superhydrophilicity of these polymers providing strong hydration effects. In this presentation, I will introduce a so-called sharp contrast zwitterionic polymer surfactants. Each surfactant molecule composes of a superhydrophilic zwitterionic polymer domain and a superhydrophobic lipid domain. The polarity contrast between the two domains is drastically “sharper” than most conventional surfactant molecules. We will discuss the special synthetic route that led to the reaction between the two polarity distinct blocks to form the sharp contrast surfactant. The unique behavior of this sharp contrast surfactant and its use for drug delivery purposes will be demonstrated. Compared with conventional stabilizing technologies, technologies based on zwitterionic polymer surfactant result novel colloid systems with unprecedented stability for drug delivery.