Graphene Synthesized in the Gas Phase: Research and Applications

A. Dato
Harvey Mudd College,
United States

Keywords: graphene, nanocomposite, composite, tribological applications, 2D materials


Pure and highly ordered graphene can be rapidly and continuously produced through the substrate-free gas-phase synthesis method. The single-step process involves sending precursors, such as ethanol and dimethyl ether, directly into atmospheric-pressure microwave-generated argon plasmas, which results in the formation of high-quality graphene. The most recent research into gas-phase-synthesized graphene will be presented. Factors affecting the production of graphene, such as gases, precursors, and precursor delivery methods, will be reported. Furthermore, the performance of gas-phase-synthesized graphene in a number of applications will be discussed. The experimental results elucidate the complex processes occurring in the bottom-up production method and demonstrate feasible applications for graphene synthesized in the gas phase.