70dB EMI shielding between 10 MHz and 10 GHZ with sprayed metallization of Ag

S. Stremsdoerfer
Jetmetal Technologies,

Keywords: silver spraying, EMI shielding, conductive coatings, innovative process


This presentation starts with the description of a new direct chemical plating method for silver, called the JET METAL (JMT) process and of the JET SELECTIVE process, which allows to obtain a selective metallization on any substrate which can be metallized with the JET METAL process [1]. This technology is based on spraying simultaneously two REACH compliant aqueous solutions, an oxidant containing silver metallic ions, and a reducing agent. This process allows to plate chemically silver at twelve micron / hour at room temperature and at ambient pressure and is already used in industrial processes for metallizing plastics, composites and non-conductive materials in general and this in different formats (3 dimensional pieces, foils, …). In the second part, the EMI shielding measurement method and results obtained with a 500 nm silver coating, deposited with the JMT process are shown.