Wet Processable Transparent Conductive Materials Based on Silver Nanowires

M. Spaid
Cambrios Advanced Materials,
United States

Keywords: silver nanowires


Transparent conductive materials play a critical role in enabling many current and emerging optoelectronic devices including displays, touch screens, OLEDs, and solar cells. Historically, sputtered metal oxides such as indium tin oxide (ITO) have been the materials of choice, however new alternatives exhibiting novel properties have recently emerged. Cambrios Advanced Materials Corporation has developed and commercialized a wet-processable dispersion of silver nanowires that can be used to create a flexible transparent electrode. Single crystal silver nanowires can be synthesized at high yield with diameters in the 10’s of nanometers and lengths in excess of 10 microns. Using high throughput roll-to-roll coating and printing methods, the nanowire dispersion is applied to a flexible plastic film to form an interconnected conductive network of nanowires on the surface. The optical, electrical, and mechanical performance of these novel electrodes will be discussed, along with key device integration considerations. Silver nanowire transparent electrodes are currently used to produce touch sensors for cell phones, tablets, and notebooks. In the future, these materials will enable the next generation of flexible, foldable, and wearable electronic devices.