Scaling production of 2D materials to industrially meaningful levels and costs.

A. Zaretski
GrollTex, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: 2D materials


Graphene is reaching the state of a well-studied, mature "new" material. Numerous outstanding applications in various fields have been theorized and demonstrated. It is believed that graphene has proven to be an important commodity in the near future and industrial aspects of this material - scaled synthesis, transfer, handling, standards - now have to be heavily focused on. In this talk, a solution to one of the major bottlenecks in graphene industrialization will be described within the framework of the technologies and operations of Grolltex Inc.. In particular, a methodology for clean, fast, non-destructive and highly scalable transfer of large-area single-layer CVD graphene (and other 2D materials) from synthesis substrates to the final receiving substrates has been developed and is currently being commercialized by Grolltex. The talk will provide insights and concrete technological milestones on the route to graphene produced in tens of millions of square meters per year at a cost lower than $10 per square meter.