HPC4Manufacturing Program: A National Laboratory - Industry Partnership in High Performance Computational Simulations for Energy Efficiency

R. Miles, L. Diachin
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
United States

Keywords: HPC


The HPC4Manufacture program is a new EERE-sponsored program with the aims of introducing industry to High Performance Computing for advanced science and engineering simulations, transferring advanced simulation techniques developed at the National Laboratories to industry and reducing industrial energy usage. The three partner national laboratories have been working with a variety of large and small companies in a variety of energy intensive industries to improve manufacturing processes and enhance product design. Examples include optimizing steel-making furnaces to reduce energy and coke usage and advanced CFD modeling of turbines used for aerospace and energy generation. Many companies are interested in advanced simulation as a way to reduce costs associated with product/or and process testing. Projects will be highlighted as demonstrations of how HPC can be used to reduce energy and enhance industrial competitiveness. Interactions can be used to gage industrial needs in the area of computational simulation at large scales.