Portable Energy Harvesters for Electronic Devices

Y. Wang
United States

Keywords: harvester, body energy, 24 hr, 1 W


This advanced power portable generator is based on the patent (U.C. Case No. 2016-755-1), which harvests body energy for power generation at a power level of 1 W or higher. This portable harvester can operate 24 hours 7 days without conscious control. No additional power is required to energize its function. It automatically utilizes the body energy for power generation. The energy harvest is realized through a series of high efficiency energy conversions. We have accomplished the proof-of-concept design/test, see Fig. 1. The testing harvester is about 5x5x1 cm in size and produced a power level of 0.1 W. The harvester can be used to provide power for cell phones, wearable body monitors, or portable speakers. Fig. 1. The testing result of a proof-of-concept design, showing power production at ~0.1 W.