The creation of ZoaTM bioleather materials through recombinant collagen production and large-scale fermentation.

D. Willliamson
Modern Meadow,
United States

Keywords: biomaterials, bioleather, collagen


Modern Meadow is an innovative bioleather materials company that integrates the best of Design, Biology and Engineering to create a unique world of advanced materials – starting with ZoaTM bioleather materials. Built with the same basic building block of traditional leather, collagen, ZoaTM bioleather materials are created through the production of a recombinant collagen protein via fermentation and subsequent assembly of the collagen proteins into higher order structures. The bottoms up design and assembly of these materials is further tailored to address specific product targets. This presentation will review the development of the collagen production strain, fermentation process and application of the collagen proteins for development of specific product development targets.