PEM fuel cells of small gas flow channels: two-phase flow

J.Y. Wang
UC Irvine,
United States

Keywords: PEM fuel cells, gas flow channels, two-phase flow


The main goal of this research is to understand flow dynamics at different superficial gas and water velocities that occurs in a PEM fuel cell gas channel. This paper proposes a study of two phase flow dynamics in PEM fuel cell micro gas channels using both numerical simulation and experiments. To simplify the problem, channel plate and GDL are both regarded as solid wall without considering the chemical reaction and heat transfer. Under the simulation, channel surface wettability are specified by contact angle. VOF method with a piece-wise linear surface reconstruction technique is used to capture the interface between air and water in the micro-channel. Two sets of Navier-Stokes equation are solved throughout the flow domain with respect to time and space. To validate the numerical results of interest to study, pressure and water distribution, corresponding experiments are made for comparison.