You CAN Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: From an Organism as Old as Dirt, An Algae Bioproduct Innovation Reincarnation

M. Carr
Algae Biomass Organization,
United States

Keywords: bioproduct, algae, biofuel


The algae biofuels inferno of the late 2000’s left in its wake the charred remains of algae start-ups and an investment community blistered by the experience. But much as fire brings new life to the forest, the embers of the great algae flame out have given rise to a new generation of algae innovation poised for transformative impacts far beyond the transportation sector. New algae applications with both profound and prosaic implications are making headlines in (1) human and animal health and nutrition, (2) soil, air and water health, (3) carbon and nutrient recycling, and (4) advanced biomaterials and biofuels to name just a few. Take a tour through the new algae innovation landscape.