3D printed flexible sensor systems

W.S. Kim
Simon Fraser University,

Keywords: 3D printing, sensor


This presentation will discuss the design, fabrication and characterization of a 3D printed flexible sensor systems including 3D printed circuit on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for portable electro-chemical sensing applications. 3D printing technologies with conductive materials are investigated along with development of flexible sensors and their system applications. An optimized Directly Ink Writing technique is adapted in a novel 3D-PCB fabrication platform using silver nanoparticle ink. An electro-chemical circuit called potentiostat is designed and optimized from an open source circuit. Using the same 3D platform, a flexible sensor is printed on the flexible substrate. By being combined, the 3D printed sensor system demonstrates the electrochemistry test including cyclic voltammetry (CV) and amperometry. It is demonstrated that 3D-PCB technology can significantly accelerate the fabrication process of conventional electronics, and merge its capability into portable sensor applications.