Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing: Enabling Electronics Out of the Box

P. Semenza
United States

Keywords: flexible electronics, hybrid electronics


Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) manufacturing combines electronics printing and other additive techniques with semiconductors, to produce electronic systems on films or other thin flexible substrates that have the same functionality as rigid printed circuit boards. Such devices can be used to monitor human performance for healthcare, fitness, athletic, and military applications as well as to provide therapy for medical conditions; they can be integrated into vehicles, structures, or other assets to monitor their condition and the environments they are exposed to; produce electronically steerable array antennas that can be integrated into structures and create surfaces that can move and sense. NextFlex, a federally-funded manufacturing institute, is working with companies, universities, and government organizations to provide the capability to produce FHE devices in commercial quantities. NextFlex’s approach to working with partners to advance the FHE manufacturing ecosystem will be presented, and results from the collaborative projects NextFlex has funded as well as ongoing work at the NextFlex facility in Silicon Valley will be summarized