RF MEMS: From the Lab to Commercial Products and Their Applications

G. Rebeiz
University of California, San Diego,
United States

Keywords: RF, MEMS


Radio Frequency Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (RF MEMS) ohmic switches and high-Q switched capacitors spent 17 years (1997-2014) in various university and government labs before they became a commercial success. This talk will present some of the early work in this area, and how the problems were systematically solved one-by-one (packaging, contact force, dielectric charging, etc.), transferred to industry, and turned into highly reliable products. Today, RF MEMS switches and high-Q varactors are used in cell phones for antenna tuning, in tunable filters for software-defined radios, and in a large variety of applications requiring very high current switching. Two companies in the US deliver these devices: Cavendish Kinetics and Menlo Micro, and the talk will present some of their high-reliability products.