Bioprinting is shaping the future of medicine

S. Wadsworth
Aspect Biosystems Ltd.,

Keywords: bioprinting


Imagine a world where drugs are developed without the use of animals, and where replacement organs are 3D printed from a patient's own cells, rather than being harvested. The award-winning interdisciplinary team at Aspect Biosystems is working towards making this a reality. Using a unique microfluidic approach to 3D bioprinting called Lab-on-a-Printer™ (LOP™), we are 3D printing living tissues that are improving the efficiency of drug discovery and generating implantable tissue therapies to replace diseased or worn-out tissues. Aspect collaborates with academic experts and industry leaders to develop impactful tissue technologies, a current regenerative medicine collaboration with DePuy Synthes (the orthopaedic arm of Johnson & Johnson) is to develop a permanent bioprinted knee meniscus replacement that would significantly improve the quality of life for millions of patients with sports-related meniscal injuries and degenerative knee conditions such as osteoarthritis. Aspect tissues being used for pre-clinical drug discovery include the 3DBioRing™ Airway, the world's first 3D bioprinted tissue that faithfully reproduces the acute contraction and relaxation responses of the real human airway, enabling the accurate modeling of diseases such as asthma. In his presentation, Sam will discuss Aspect’s unique LOP™ technology, and will describe real-life use-cases that demonstrate the potential for bioprinting to revolutionise the fields of pharmaceutical drug development, disease research, personalised and regenerative medicine by providing living human tissues on demand