Samuel Wadsworth

Co-founder & CSO

Aspect Biosystems Ltd.

Sam Wadsworth, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder Aspect Biosystems.  Imagine a world where drugs are developed without the use of animals, and where replacement organs are 3D printed from a patient's own cells, rather than being harvested. Sam is working towards making this a reality, he is a world leader in the field of human tissue engineering and has published many peer-reviewed papers on related research. After completing his Ph.D. in respiratory cell biology in the UK, Sam moved to Vancouver, BC for a Post-Doc at the UBC Centre for Heart + Lung Innovation at St. Paul’s Hospital, where he spearheaded an inter-disciplinary, cross-Canada research project to build living 3-Dimensional human airway tissues. In 2013 Sam co-founded Aspect Biosystems with Konrad Walus, Simon Beyer and Tamer Mohamed. Aspect is a tissue engineering company with patented Lab-on-a-Printer™ 3D-bioprinting technology capable of fabricating a variety of physiologically-relevant human tissues. One example is the 3DBioRing™ Airway, the worlds first 3D bioprinted tissue that faithfully reproduces the acute contraction and relaxation responses of the real human airway, enabling the accurate modeling of diseases such as asthma. Sam will be discussing Aspect’s unique LOP™ technology, and will describe how this has the potential to revolutionise the fields of pharmaceutical drug development, disease research, personalised and regenerative medicine by providing living human tissues on demand.