Edward Furlani


University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Dr. Edward P. Furlani holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University at Buffalo  (UB) SUNY and is currently a professor at UB with joint appointments in the Depts. of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Electrical Engineering. He transitioned to academia in 2011 from the Eastman Kodak Research Labs where he performed interdisciplinary modeling to advance the development of novel commercial materials and devices. His industrial experience spans a broad range of applications in fields that include microfluidics, photonics, applied magnetics and microsystems technology. His current research involves the development of computational models to advance understanding and the development of innovative materials and devices with design features and functionality that are engineered at the nanometer to micrometer length scale.  His research interests span the areas of microfluidics: broad applications with an emphasis on biomedical systems, nanophotonics: metamaterials, plasmonics and biosensing devices; and magnetic particle applications: particle transport and self-assembly, bioapplications, magnetic drug delivery and bioseparation. Dr. Furlani’s research contributions include over 80 peer-reviewed publications, a sole-authored textbook on applied magnetics, numerous invited conference presentations and several book chapters on micro and nanoscale phenomena. In additional to his theoretical work, Dr. Furlani has a distinguished record of translational research and currently holds 152 U.S. patents.