Aliaksandr Zaretski

Founder & CTO

GrollTex, Inc.

Dr. Aliaksandr (Alex) Zaretski is the founder and CTO of GrollTex Inc., a San-Diego based company that is rapidly advancing the commercialization of large-area CVD graphene and other 2D materials. Dr. Zaretski developed a clean, fast, and most importantly, industrially scalable process of patterning and non-destructively transferring 2D materials between substrates. GrollTex has already reduced the market price of graphene 4-fold and is expected to continue driving the price of 2D materials down until they reach commodity values. Besides scaling the production of 2D materials, Dr. Zaretski has a number of patents on graphene-based technologies, including strain sensors that are capable of state-of-the-art measurements in health monitoring, cardiotoxicity, wearables, etc.