TechConnect World 2018

TechConnect World 2018 — Full Program — All Sessions

Sunday May 13

9:00Sunday - Industry Impact Workshops

Monday May 14

8:15TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Nanotech 2018 - Keynotes
9:20Innovation Prospecting - Staking your claim and finding the gems
10:10Coffee Break
10:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications
10:30Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications
10:30Surface Repellency, Wetting & Adhesion
10:30Cancer Nanotechnology
10:30Printed & Flexible Electronics
10:30Photonics Devices
10:30Food Materials & Innovations
10:30Lab on a Chip
10:30Nanocellulose Product Innovation
10:30Silver Materials & Innovations
10:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Owens Corning, Sherwin-Williams
10:30Energy Innovation Spotlights: Shell, Reliance Industries
12:00Expo Hall: Ice Cream & Coffee Social (lunch not provided)
1:30Nanoparticle Synthesis and Manufacturing
1:30Advanced Coatings & Films
1:30Nano & Microfibrillated Cellulose for Food Applications
1:30Informatics, Modeling & Simulation
1:30Diagnostics & Bioimaging Keynotes & Panel Discussion
1:30Cancer Therapy & Diagnostics Delivery
1:30Fuel Cells
1:30Biofuels & Bioproducts
1:30Micro & Nanofluidics
1:30Flexible Electronics
1:30Photonics Materials
1:30Silver Materials & Innovations
1:30Sustainable Building Innovations
1:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: 3M, Energizer
1:30Defense/Aerospace Innovation Spotlights: Boeing, Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin
3:00Automotive/Materials Innovation Spotlights: Magna, Ashland
3:00Biotech/Pharma Innovation Spotlights
4:00TechConnect Expo and Innovation Showcase Reception (4:00 - 6:00)
4:00Federal Agency Booths & Pavillion - ALL Attendees Encouraged to Join

Tuesday May 15

8:30Joint SBIR/STTR-TechConnect World Keynotes
9:00Workshop on Compact Modeling (WCM) - Water Physics & Atomic Model
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Carbon Nanostructures in Electronics
10:30Nanoparticles for Diagnostics & Bioimaging
10:30Sustainable Composite Materials
10:30Coatings & Membrane Innovations
10:30Multi-scale Modeling
10:30Catalysis for the Oil & Gas Industry
10:30Innovations in Insulation and Latent Heat Storage
10:30Hydrogen Generation & Production Methods
10:30Printed Electronics
10:30Encapsulation, Targeting, and Delivery
10:30Micro & Bio Fluidics
10:30Sensors Keynotes & Panel Discussion
10:30WCM - Virtual Source Model & SiC Model
10:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Eastman, Henkel
10:30Defense/Energy Innovation Spotlights: DOD-USPACOM, United Technologies
12:00Expo Hall: Ice Cream & Coffee Social (lunch not provided)
1:302D Materials Production
1:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis
1:30Fiber Composites
1:30Nano & Microfibrillated Cellulose Production
1:30Next Generation Alloys & Ceramics
1:30Corrosion Resistance & Protection
1:30Computational Fluid Dynamics
1:30Diagnostics & Bioimaging
1:30Sustainable Materials Innovation
1:30Water Technology Innovations
1:30A New Look at Concrete
1:30Ensuring Safety of Nanomaterials in Consumer Products
1:30Materials for Personal/Home Care & Cosmetics
1:30The Future of Drug & Gene Delivery: Panel Discussion
1:30Photonics Sensors
1:303D Printing Metals
1:30WCM - GaN-HEMT Models & PDK
3:30WCM - Models for GAA, RRAM, TFT & Mismatch
1:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: SABIC, AGC
1:30Defense/Space Innovation Spotlights: In-Q-Tel, SPAWAR
3:00Materials Innovation Spotlights: Carestream, Invista
3:00MedDevices Innovation Spotlights: Medtronic
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase & Networking Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Poster Session I
4:00Carbon Nano Structures & Devices: Posters
4:00Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters
4:00Composite Materials: Posters
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications: Posters I
4:00Coatings, Surfaces & Membranes: Posters
4:00Informatics, Modeling & Simulation: Posters
4:00Nanomaterials for Catalysis: Posters
4:00Diagnostics & Bioimaging: Posters
4:00Cancer Nanotechnology: Poster
4:00Solar Technologies: Posters
4:00Fuel Cells & Hydrogen: Posters
4:00Biofuels & Bioproducts: Posters
4:00Materials for Sustainable Building: Posters
4:00Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency: Posters
4:00Materials for Personal/Home Care & Cosmetics: Posters
4:00Food Materials & Innovations: Posters
4:00Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip: Poster
4:00Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication: Posters
4:00Printed Electronics: Posters
4:00Photonic Materials & Devices: Posters
4:00Silver Materials & Innovations: Posters

Wednesday May 16

8:30SBIR/STTR Agency One-on-One Meetings
8:30Characterizing Soft/Bio Materials
8:30CNS Composites
8:302D-Materials in Electronics
8:30Energy Storage
8:30Sensors Oil & Gas Industry Applications
8:30Carbon Capture & Utilization
8:303D Printing
8:30Ensuring Safety of Nanomaterials in Consumer Products
8:30Novel Drug Delivery Systems
8:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Guardian, Pangaea Ventures
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Materials Characterization & Imaging I
10:30CNS Composites
10:302D-Materials in Electronics
10:30Battery Innovations
10:30Environmental Sensors: Air and Water
10:30Carbon Capture & Utilization
10:30Regulatory Issues & Roadmaps to Safety
10:303D Printing Materials Innovation
12:00Lunch (on own)
1:30Materials Characterization & Imaging II
1:30Graphene Materials Applications
1:30Safety in Advanced Manufacturing - Profit Maker or Profit Taker: Panel Discussion
1:30Biological Scaffolds
1:30MEMS Sensors
1:30Innovations in Additive Manufacturing
4:00TechConnect Innovation Leaders Networking Reception - Poster Session II
4:00Materials Characterization & Imaging: Posters
4:00Graphene & 2D Materials: Posters
4:00Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications: Posters
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications: Posters II
4:00Energy Storage: Posters
4:00Materials for Oil & Gas: Posters
4:00Water Technologies: Posters
4:00Carbon Caputure & Utililzation: Posters
4:00Advanced Manufacturing Innovation: Posters
4:00Environmental, Health & Safety of Nanomaterials: Posters
4:00Nanoelectronics: Posters
4:00Biomaterials: Posters
4:00Drug & Gene Delivery: Posters
4:00Sensors: Posters
4:00MEMS & NEMS: Posters
4:003D Printing: Posters
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