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Symposium Co-Chairs

Thomas E.  TwardowskiThomas E. Twardowski
Analytical Services Manager
Integra Life Sciences Corporation

Hasan UludagHasan Uludag
Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering Department, University of Alberta, Canada

Key Speakers

Jindřich Henry KopečekDesign of Smart Polymeric Nanomedicines
Jindřich Henry Kopeček
Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering, University of Utah

Samuel WadsworthBioprinting is shaping the future of medicine
Samuel Wadsworth
Co-founder & CSO, Aspect Biosystems Ltd.

Vuk UskokovicRebirth of Bone Mineral in Biomedicine: From an Antibiotic Alternative to Targeted Anticancer Therapies
Vuk Uskokovic
Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering, College of Medicine, The University of Illinois at Chicago

Dave  WilliamsonThe creation of ZoaTM bioleather materials through recombinant collagen production and large-scale fermentation
Dave Williamson
CTO , Modern Meadow

Hasan UludagAmphiphilic Lipid-Substituted Cationic Polymers for Delivery of Gene Medicines
Hasan Uludag
Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering Department, University of Alberta, Canada

Symposium Sessions

Tuesday May 15

1:30The Future of Drug & Gene Delivery: Panel Discussion
3:00MedDevices Innovation Spotlights: Medtronic

Wednesday May 16

8:30Characterizing Soft/Bio Materials
1:30Biological Scaffolds
4:00Biomaterials: Posters

Symposium Program

Tuesday May 15

1:30The Future of Drug & Gene Delivery: Panel Discussion
F.C. Szoka, ZoneOne Pharma, US
M. Scully, National Cancer Institute, US
V. Frenkel, University of Maryland School of Medicine, US
S. Jiang, University of Washington, US
R.K. Prud'homme, Princeton University, US
A. Patri, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, US
T. Anchordoquy, University of Colorado School of Pharmacy, US
3:00MedDevices Innovation Spotlights: Medtronic
3:00Medtronic Innovation Spotlight
K. Chafin, Medtronic, US
3:15Medical Devices Innovation Spotlight
3:30BoneTape - A Novel Fracture Stabilization Device
S. Sahoo, MaRS Innovation, CA
3:37Microdevice for Cell Separation Based on Activation Phenotype
C. Smith, Texas Tech University, US
3:44Urea Electrolysis as a Medical Devices Platform
G. Botte, Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, US
3:513D Printing Embedded Nanofibers with an Automated On-the-fly Manual Pull Post-drawing System
D. Jao, Rowan University, US
3:58Bioprinting of Hybrid Tissue Engineering Constructs
S. Elrod, Stanford Office of Technology Licensing, US
4:05A transparent, stretchable, wearable sensor
A. Hunter, RMIT, AU
4:12Surface-Tethered Antimicrobial Peptides
L. Lozeau, AMProtection, LLC, US
4:19Contact Lens with Transparent Biosensor Array
D. Dickson, Oregon State University, US
4:263D Printed Meta-material Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms
R. Meadors, Georgia Tech, US
4:33Coated medical devices which can be implanted
A. Jones, FreeFlow Medical Devices, LLC, US
4:40Medtronic & Carestream: Q&A

Wednesday May 16

8:30Characterizing Soft/Bio Materials
8:30TBA (invited presentation)
J. Gimzewski, University of California, Los Angeles, US
8:55The developments of a Helium Acoustic Levitation Environment for time resolved XFEL experiments
E.R. Dye, R.H. Morris, M.I. Newton, D. Axford, P. Aller, A.M. Orville, P.T. Docker, Nottingham Trent University, UK
9:15Abrasive scanning with AFM on biocompatible polymers: measuring dry vs. swollen film thickness and probing properties
G. Haugstad, K. Wormuth, University of Minnesota, US
9:35Nano-JKR Method Eliminates Adhesion Errors in Nanoindentation of Compliant Polymers and Hydrogels
D.M. Ebenstein, Bucknell University, US
9:55Thorough Characterization of Liposomes by Complementary Light and X-Ray Scattering Techniques
R. Ragheb, J. Bolze, G. Taylor, N. Tamaddoni, D. Griffiths, U. Nobbmann, Malvern Panalytical, US
10:30Design of Smart Polymeric Nanomedicines (invited presentation)
J. Kopeček, J. Yang, University of Utah, US
10:55Rebirth of Bone Mineral in Biomedicine: From an Antibiotic Alternative to Targeted Anticancer Therapies (invited presentation)
V. Uskokovic, The University of Illinois at Chicago, US
11:20Amphiphilic Lipid-Substituted Cationic Polymers for Delivery of Gene Medicines (invited presentation)
H. Uludag, University of Alberta, CA
11:45Examination of the osteoconductive, antibiofilm & biomechanical properties of a PEEK-ZEOLITE composite biomaterial for intervertebral spine fusion surgery
S. Sankar, D.W. Johns, J.J. Crudden, Difusion Technology Inc., US
12:05Towards the Fabrication of a Bioinspired Lubricant for Biomedical Applications
J. Faivre, B.R. Shrestha, G. Xie, F. Moldovan, S. Benayoun, T. Delair, K. Matyjaszewski, L. David, X. Banquy, Université de Montréal / Université de Lyon, FR
1:30Biological Scaffolds
1:30Bioprinting is shaping the future of medicine (invited presentation)
S. Wadsworth, Aspect Biosystems Ltd., CA
1:55Surface Modification and Characterization of Polylactic Acid (PLA) 3D printed structures for Cell culture applications.
P. Pokharna, M. Ghantasala, E. Rozhkova, Western Michigan University, US
2:153D Printed Venous Valves, Biocompatibility and Functionality
B. Holmes, Nanochon LLC, George Washington University, US
2:35Biomaterial using Polycaprolactone(PCL) and Polydioxanone (PDO) scaffolds used for skin regeneration
K. Swain, Alabama State University, US
2:55Hydrogel-based scaffolds for tissue engineering
S. Joshi, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
3:15Functional Multi-layered Bio-scaffold by 3D printed and Electro spun biodegradable materials
H.W. Choi, Keimyung University, KR
3:35Nanoengineered Biomaterials for Cardiac Tissue Repair
K. Hosoyama, M. Ahumada, M. Ruel, E. Suuronen, E.I. Alarcon, University of Ottawa Heart Institute & University of Ottawa, CA
4:00Biomaterials: Posters
Inhibitory Effects of Dipeptide Analogue, DAPT, on γ-Secretase Causing Decrease in Amyloid-β Concentration in Neuroblastoma Cells
A. Gupta, Biomedical Research Institute, US
Microwave-assisted synthesis of bioabsorbable nanoparticles to be used as reinforcement of PLGA in biomedical applications
G.J. Colmenares, M.E. Ramírez, I.C. Ortiz, L.M. Hoyos, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
Electrospinning of collagen with nanocapsules of PLGA for delivery of paclitaxel in drug-eluting stents
L.M. Agudelo, J.A.C. Cornelio, L.F. Rodriguez, I.C. Ortiz, L.M. Hoyos, G.J. Colmenares, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, CO
An Alternative Production Method for Collagen to Obtain Scaffolds
İ.D. Derman, C. Arslan, S.K. Hacıosmaoğlu, M. Kazancı, Bahçeşehir University, TR
Engineered nanofibers induces angiogenesis
S.Y. Yoo, Bio-IT Foundry Technology Institute, KR
A novel approach to prevent and treat cancer
G. Goldberg, Rowan University, US
Development of Coating Technology for Force-Feedback Application of Minimally Invasive Surgery
W-C Kuo, W. Wu, T. Chien, H. Hu, Y. Chong, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, TW
Novel Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable 3D Printed Implants as a Drug Delivery System
S.I. Ranganathan, T.W.B. Kim, Rowan University, US
Polymerized Prodrugs of Bioenergy Molecules as Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Adjuvants in Drug Delivery and Cell-Survival Therapeutics
H. Cho, H. C. Kang, The Catholic University of Korea, KR
Valuation and characterization of clays for pharmaceutical use
M. Hamiane, H. Amrouche, R. Hazi, University of Boumerdes, DZ
Ruggedized, Portable Perfusion System forTissue Preservation
G. Srinivas, D. Eisenberg, TDA Research Inc, US
Novel Self-Patented Gold Nanoparticles for Antimicrobial Applications
J. Payne, R. Dakshinamurthy, Austin Peay State University, US
Hydrogel Films with CNT for biosensing applications
V. Paloma, C. Jorge, E. Rodolfo, Iberoamericana University, MX
Computation-assisted nanopore detection of uranyl ions
G.M Roozbahani, X. Chen, Y. Zhang, X. Guan, Illinois Institute of Technology, US
Nanoengineered Surface Modified Corneal Implants for
M. Ahumada, Z. Khatoon, E. Suuronen, I. Brunnete, M. Griffith, E.I. Alarcon, University of Ottawa Heart Institute & University of Ottawa, CA
Anti-oxidative potential of CeO2 nanoparticles in human liver cells
S. Kumar, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, UP, India-226007, IN
Bioextraction technologies for bioplastic and biomass hydrolysates production
M.H.A. Ibrahim, E. Hall, Bioextrax AB, SE
Bio-template Synthesis of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 (ZIF-8)
Qi Wang, Texas A&M University, US

Biomaterials, natural or synthetic materials that interact with biological systems to repair or treat natural body tissues, are designed with the most complex performance requirements and the strictest regulations. These challenges, and the opportunities offered by a worldwide market estimated to be worth 130.57 Billion USD by 2020, drive innovation at industrial, academic and government laboratories around the world. The 8th Annual TechConnect World Biomaterials Symposium will highlight some of the most exciting research and development, and focus on industrially relevant new materials for cardiovascular and orthopedic applications, tissue engineering, neurology, and wound healing. Please submit an abstract and share your research innovation at this dynamic event.

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Topics & Application Areas

  • Biomimetic, Bioderived and Bioinspired Materials
  • Biocompatibility, Wound Healing & Regeneration
  • Applied Biomaterials: Drug/Gene Delivery
  • Applied Biomaterials: Implantable Devices
  • Novel Biomaterials
  • Other
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