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Silver Materials and Innovations

Posters Due: March 30, 2018 (poster consideration only)

Symposium Chair

Trevor KeelTrevor Keel
Material Value, UK; Technical Director
Silver Institute, USA

Key Speakers

Jim JohnstonNew Generation Durable, Effective Antimicrobial Composites of Natural Fibres and Polymers
Jim Johnston
Professor, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Michael  SpaidWet Processable Transparent Conductive Materials Based on Silver Nanowires
Michael Spaid
Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer, Cambrios Advanced Materials Corporation

Fiona  MarshallDevelopment and Commercialisation of an Innovative Point of Care Platform Using Silver Nanoparticles as the Signalling Method
Fiona Marshall
CEO, AgPlus Diagnostics

Eldon  TateAntimicrobial and Antifouling Coatings for Industrial Applications
Eldon Tate
CEO, Inhibit Coatings Ltd

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 14

10:30Silver Materials & Innovations
1:30Silver Materials & Innovations

Tuesday May 15

4:00Silver Materials & Innovations: Posters

Symposium Program

Monday May 14

10:30Silver Materials & Innovations
10:30Silver: scientific progress and commercial opportunities in 2018 and beyond (invited presentation)
T. Keel, Material Value, UK
10:55Development and Commercialisation of an Innovative Point of Care Platform Using Silver Nanoparticles as the Signalling Method (invited presentation)
F. Marshall, AgPlus Diagnostics, UK
11:20Wet Processable Transparent Conductive Materials Based on Silver Nanowires (invited presentation)
M. Spaid, Cambrios Advanced Materials, US
11:45Reactive silver ink as an alternative for photovoltaic metallization
A. Mamidanna, A. Jeffries, M. Bertoni, O. Hildreth, Arizona State University, US
12:05EMI Shielding par innovative Ag Spraying process
S. Stremsdoerfer, Jetmetal Technologies, FR
1:30Silver Materials & Innovations
1:30Silver-wool Textiles – Development Pathway and Challenges (invited presentation)
J. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
1:55Antimicrobial and Antifouling Coatings for Industrial Applications (invited presentation)
E. Tate, Inhibit Coatings Ltd., NZ
2:20Challenges and Opportunities for Commercialization of Subplasmonic Silver Nanoclusters
R.I. MacCuspie, Natural Immunogenics, US
2:40Roll-to-roll synthesis of antibacterial paper using flame synthesis
K.J. Brobbey, Åbo Akademi, FI
3:00Quercetin capped - enzyme modified nanoparticles: Imparting new properties on metal nanoparticles for industrial applications
P.N. Navya, S. Sanjana, M.U. Medha, R. Madhyastha, H. Madhyastha, S.P. Srinivas, M. Maruyama, H.K. Daima, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, IN
3:20Physical and Chemical Transformations of Silver Nanomaterial-containing Textiles After Use
D.E. Gorka, J.M. Gorham, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US

Tuesday May 15

4:00Silver Materials & Innovations: Posters
Silver nano particles synthesis and Microbiological applications
B.S. Saharan, R. Rachna, M.S. Yadav, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra, IN
Plant extracts mediated syntheses of silver nanoparticles and their effectiveness on agricultural pathogens
N. Lovanh, G. Agga, B-T Oh, S. Lee, H. Gao, Y. Cao, USDA, US
Epitaxial, ultra-thin Au coating as a barrier for oxidation damages for silver nanowires
Y. Zhu, university of california, riverside, US
Governing in-vitro biological behavior of nanoparticles through biomolecular surface corona
H.K. Daima, P.N. Navya, M.E. Meghana, T.S. Shruthi, A. Umapathi, D. Jain, R. Madhyastha, H. Madhyastha, Amity University Rajasthan, IN
Most well-rounded, of Uncoated negatively charged silver nanoparticles for biomedical and electronic application.
L. Scotti, University of Chieti, IT
Detection of toxic metal ion (Hg2+) by paper based colorimetric sensing and biological activity using green synthesized AgNPs
A.G. Al-Sehemi, S. Alrumman, A. Kalam, M. Assiri, King Khalid University, SA
Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles, through the reductive action of the ethanolic extract of Vaccinium Corymbosum var. Biloxi- Cranberry
D. Asmat, D. Delfín; L. Juarez; R. Nazario; R. Penadillos, E. Asmat; J. Urquiaga., Private University of North, PE

From electrical switches and solar panels to chemical-producing catalysts, silver is an essential component in many industries. Its unique properties make it nearly impossible to substitute and its uses span a wide range of applications. Submit an abstract describing your research, development or implementation work and join researchers from around the world as we highlight innovations that will continue to broaden the impact of silver.

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Topics & Application Areas

  • Biomedical applications
  • Catalysis Applications
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Novel Nanoparticle Synthesis and Applications
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Commercialization
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