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Biomaterials: Regeneration & More!

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Sunday, May 13, 2018, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

Technology Focus

The focus of this workshop is the design, processing, characterization and applications of materials from and for bio-engineering.
Whether natural or synthetic, passive or active, biomaterials have a critical role in the performance of medical devices. Commercial uses are extensive and diverse, encompassing but not exclusive to: passive, internal and external probes to monitor or treat disease; structures that interact with the structure or function of the body; and devices that treat human or animal. The science and engineering of biomaterials and devices is multidisciplinary, drawing from aspects of materials science, biochemistry, and systems and cell biology. This class ties the concepts drawn from these disciplines into a coherent, design-centered approach to biomaterials science.

Workshop Objectives

Graduates of this workshop will have a working knowledge of the key biological and synthetic materials used as biomaterials for medical devices. Participants will learn how properties bridge the gap between design and biological response. They will survey the current regulatory landscape pertaining to devices and materials. Graduates will leave with knowledge of the language and principles of biomaterials sufficient to interact with thought leaders, physicians, scientific practitioners and designers regarding materials choice and implementation for medical devices.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

The course is presented in a coherent, consistent, and comprehensive fashion that is pragmatic but not oversimplified. Examples of professionals the course is designed to benefit: scientists coming to the medical device industry from a chemical, chemical engineering or materials science background looking for insight into the biological elements not typically present in those disciplines; physicians and medical practitioners interested in knowing more about the materials comprising the devices they apply or implant; medical device industry managers and leaders seeking a comprehensive overview of the science underlying material and design choices; students wishing to bridge from a traditional discipline to the multi-disciplinary practice of biomaterials and medical device design.

Workshop Outline

Topics will include:
  • Introduction to Biomaterials – identifying where these useful materials come from, where they are today and where they may be going tomorrow
  • Biological Source Materials – the key biological materials and how structure leads to performance
  • Synthetic Biomaterials – fabrication with synthetics using biomimetic, biocompatibility and functional principles
  • Three Dimensional Engineering –  drawing on old and new techniques for creating scaffold devices
  • Cells and Materials – how cells interact with or generate biomaterials
  • Regenerative Devices – some principles for tissue engineering
  • The Role of Regulation – the role of regulation in guiding materials choice and device design

Workshop Instructor

Thomas E.  TwardowskiThomas E. Twardowski
Twardowski Scientific


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