Vital View: A Startup from the Notre Dame University's IDEA Center

C. Cali
Vital View Technologies,
United States

Keywords: monitoring technology, diagnostics


Vital View is a startup spinning out of the University of Notre Dame based on the proprietary technology coming out of Dr. Thomas Pratt's lab. The mission of Vital View is to help people make more intelligent health decisions through its non-contact, non-wearable vital sign monitoring technology. Through the power of artificial intelligence and large, sweeping longitudinal studies, Vital View will help people understand their own health and nudge them to intervene before they develop complicated health issues. The patented technology addresses the market need because it passively records its users' health data and does not require constant charging, wearing, or maintenance. This solves one of the biggest issues with at-home vital sign monitoring: adherence/compliance with the technology to make consistent and accurate data collections. Vital View will participate in the impending healthcare revolution by helping screen for and prevent developing health conditions. This will help change the way society understands healthcare, which right now is more about "sick"-care than "health"-care. Vital View will change that by helping people stay healthy and intervene with potential conditions before they happen. The company is in early stages of technology development and aims to go to market as a customer-facing product.