Scaled-up and Reproducible Plasmonic Chip Production with High-density Hotspots for Biosensing Applications

S.-G. Park, D.-H. Kim
Korea Institute of Materials Science,

Keywords: biosensors, plasmonic nanostructures, hotspots


Plasmonic biosensors have demonstrated superior performances in detecting various biomolecules with high sensitivity through simple assays. Scaled-up, reproducible chip production with high-density hotspots in a large-area has been technically challenging, limiting commercialization and clinical translation. We developed a new fabrication method for 3D plasmonic nanostructures with high density, large volume of hotspots and therefore inherently improved detection capabilities. Specifically, we made nanoparticles-spiked Au nanopillar arrays by wafer-scale, multilayer deposition on plasma-treated plastic substrates. The 3D nanostructures showed high signal enhancements over 8×10^8 fold for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and over 250-fold for plasmon-enhanced fluorescence. We applied the 3D plasmonic chip to detect avian influenza-associated antibodies at 100-times improved sensitivities compared to unstructured Au substrates for plasmon-enhanced fluorescence. Simple and scalable fabrication of highly sensitive 3D plasmonic nanostructures will provide new opportunities to broaden plasmon-enhanced sensing applications.