Sustainability depend on efficient break from Oil as fuel

J. Barlow
Power Alternative,
United States

Keywords: zero emission, thermal/PSI potential


Notwithstanding benefits of existing clean, green technologies, the impact they impose vary by their location: on land threat to wildlife, aesthetics, wasting land area or fatigue roof space; planned wave and wind generators are both benefit and threat to marine-life and will be obstacles or hazards for Boaters, Cruises and Container ships; restricts designs for spacecrafts and planned extraterrestrial colonization, and etc. Consider how far along we would have been if Reagan had not gone of Green course Carter promoted; Bush raised National Debt to new height that is blamed on Obama. Now, Environmental Programs were crippled within first 100 days of Trump, and continue to dismantle achievements made for remediation of impact such as: allowing discharges from factory, revitalizing coal mining, opening ANWR, promote fracking, and etc. which in turn, reinstated expenses taxpayer must bear to address their impact. Combined with funding activities of FEMA offering relief in attempt to help citizens affected by calamities that is always stretched beyond FEMA resources; then add expense for clean-up incidents of oil spilled, leaked or breached from vessels, vehicles and well-heads the burden of paying for remediation or reduce diverts funds for innovations and remedies. Ironically, as Y2K saw revival of green, clean and environmentally compatible industries, now inclusively referred to as Eco-Industry has had phenomenal surge of investment interests; FYI: as Sustainable & Responsible Investments (SRI) was formed to support certain segments of Eco-Industry amounted to $18 Trillion Dollars at beginning of ’18, which incidentally could nearly wipe-out national debt. Political limits or constrictions for funding must consider ‘Materials for Sustainability and Efficiency’ must emphasize to efficiently generate finances for changing mode of progress, rebuilding communities and enable Eco-industrial advances. Hence, I plead for opportunity for spotlight (present poster) to offer a lucrative invest opportunity in developing an EcoPlaza which a scaled-up thermal energy conversion system that is the basis of design concepts to address many ‘Topic Area(s)’. Due to futile attempts to secure funds to develop innovations, efforts now focus to develop an EcoPlaza that can generate $2.5 Million/yr with just 500 vendors (at large) and is hope to secure investors or contracts to develop a network of EcoPlaza on US Mainland and around the World to finance Hawai’i projects to relieve our economic plight. Here, where policies, regulation and capital improvement tend to concentrate on tourism and visitor; power supply is monopolized and imports all depend on fuel, therefore an indirect approach to finance Hawai’i projects looks to develop EcoPlaza outside Hawai’i in strategic locale on Mainland ie.Boston: TBD; Florida: Red Tide, rising seas, space power; Puerto Rico: Power Supply & Waste Reduction; Gulf States: Power, deep water oil filtration, base for High speed vessel for BLS and oil spill containment. Some of Power Alternatives machines can be adjusted for military use that are motored by internal combustion engine and are not nuclear. Please help…before our future literally goes-up-in-smoke. After I secure funding to build website or EcoPlaza, I’ll be able to submit a few Briefs.