BioNanoCoil, a Novel Technology to Treat Mining-influenced Water

M. Dehbashi, M. Aghaei, A. Shahnazari
Biopolynet Inc,

Keywords: BioNanoCoil, Mine tailing water, Treatment


To reduce or eliminate the potential negative environmental impacts associated with mining activities; mining-influenced water needs to be treated. BioNanoCoil technology is influencing metal and mineral industries by improving tailing water properties. Its applications expand to tailing wastewater treatment, metal recovery, tailing dewatering and water recirculation. BioNanoCoil is a U.S. and Canada patented, validated technology where a coiled nanostructure agri-based biopolymeric network hold and trap the solid particles together against external stresses, solvents, movements, etc. BioNanoCoil is a breakthrough product that changes and controls the structural and control properties of metal and mineral processing residues. BioNanoCoil is a leading-edge technology that helps companies in this industry optimize their resource use, improve their performance, minimize their ecological footprint, and reduce their operating costs. BioNanoCoil technology has proven uniqueness. 1) It is charge/size independent technology. Unlike other technologies, BioNanoCoil functions in the tailings regardless of the charges and sizes of the floating solids. This feature creates a great opportunity to reduce the complexity by carrying out the treatment in one-step. 2) It has considerably low overhead costs. The production and use of BioNanoCoil is very easy. The customers do not need to add extra pricey equipment to their process and no specific energy-consuming operational setting is required either. 3) It needs hours instead of decades to overcome the challenge. 4) This innovation reduces costs by eliminating the formation of tailings. Applying BioNanoCoil at the processing stage of metals and minerals extraction can make a huge impact on overall costs.