Controlling light diffraction with nanostructures

A. Tufaile, M. Snyder, T. Vanderelli, A.P.B. Tufaile
University of Sao Paulo,

Keywords: ferrofluid, ice crystals, parhelic circle, parlaseric circle, light polarization, Plateau border


We are presenting the main results of our research using smart fluids to control the light scattering using some devices based on nanotechnology. We are presenting the “Ferrocell”, which consists of a Hele-Shaw cell with ferrofluid, and the “Polarfluid”, which is a Ferrocell placed between two crossed polarizers illuminated with white light, subjected to a magnetic field. We have obtained the equations which represents these systems and solved them analytically and numerically, in order to compare with the patterns obtained using the experiments. We also explore the experiment with the patterns obtained from the atmospheric optics such as the parhelic circle and sundogs, obtaining experimentally the jumping laserdogs and the parlaseric circle.