Anti-Fouling and Oxidation Resistance of Silicon-Based CVD Coating and Surface Functionalization Technology

G. White, D. Smith, L. Patterson
SilcoTek Corporation,
United States

Keywords: Coatings, hydrophobic, oleophobic, dewetting, fouling


• Preventing fouling (also known as coking or simply “sticking”) on the surfaces of combustion and fuel delivery components is highly desirable as a way to improve efficiency, increase longevity, and ultimately reduce costs of surface, air, and undersea systems in aerospace and defense. • Functionalized surfaces substantially increase the hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, and oxidation resistance of stainless steel, titanium, and other alloyed surfaces, even at high temperatures and conditions common in aerospace and defense applications • Fouling, coking, and sticking problems in aerospace and defense applications can be addressed with functionalized CVD coatings and functionalized substrates • Coatings/functionalizations can be applied to common substrates and are not limited by geometry or complexity (non-line-of-sight). Ideal parts for treatment include heat exchangers, fuel injection and combustion components, nozzles, and more.