SLENTEX® – The robust and non-combustible high-performance insulation material for construction of the future

W. Lölsberg

Keywords: SLENTEX, construction


With the continuous rise of energy prices - a trend without foreseeable end - the pressure for higher energy-efficiency across many markets is increasing. In the construction industry, this has created a growing demand for new thermal insulation solutions superior to established materials such as polymeric foams or mineral wool. In addition, superior insulation also means less space needed for the same insulation performance, which gains valuable space for living and working – an increasingly important good. It has become apparent that excellent insulation performance alone is no longer sufficient - smart materials with tunable properties such as water vapor diffusion and fire resistance are required to answer the challenges of the future. This presentation will reflect on the decade since the first generation of flexible aerogel blanket insulations, reviewing highlights and technical challenges. The author will give an account of the technical hurdles that were surmounted to bring the second generation of non-combustible aerogel blankets for building applications to market.