Nutrigel and Nusoil from Soya Waste for sustainable farming

W-K. Tan and J. Zhu
National University of Singapore,

Keywords: hydrogel, soil, soya wastes, sustainable farming


NUSoil is a novel agri-product that provides multiple benefits as a water and nutrient supplements for agricultural and horticultural applications. It is a novel water absorbent and soil formulation that contains the active ingredient, proprietary NutriGel, derived from by-product of food industry and is biodegradable. It offers an economical, sustainable and environmental- friendly approach for modern agronomy.NUSoil allows the crops to reduce water utilization, survive drought, and enhance plant growth by delivering fertilizer in a slow and sustained release process. NUSoil-NutriGel acts as a mini water and nutrient reservoir designed for effective water and nutrient delivery to crops and ornamental plants, and is suitable for agriculture, horticulture and green buildings, with minimal wastage to the environment, especially surface and groundwater.