AWI High Performance Powder Coating TrioGuard

M. Wang
Armstrong World Industries,
United States

Keywords: dirt / dust repellency, powder coating, color stability, mold / bacteria resistance, fire resistance


AWI High Performance Powder Coating TrioGuardTM Steve Masia, Michelle X Wang – Armstrong World Industries Many business segments such as transportation, healthcare, office, and building interior need the product surface not to accumulate the dirt / dust to provide end users with better working and living experience, extend product performance life span, reduce the cost for routine maintenance. The surface gets dirty due to air flow that carries dust to the surface and the white surface looks dark / yellow since the surface color is deteriorated with lighting or heating. The fire and microbial resistance are important for occupant’s health and safety. Armstrong World Industries has developed a patented powder coating TrioGuardTM, which is a unique product to address maintenance, appearance, fire resistance, durability, and hygiene in one single product. TrioGuard repels dust building up more than ten times better than a regular powder coating (Figures 1 & 2). Comparing to commercial powder coating, TrioGuard offers white color stability at least for 10 years (Figure 3), which will keep the surface “just like new” for a long time. Additionally, for any application desiring to have anti-microbial and fire resistant, TrioGuard demonstrates mold and bacteria growth resistant and provides Class A fire performance with ASTM E84 and European A1 rating (Table 1). Our TrioGuard powder coating has been commercially applied for metal product with reasonable cost.