Cotton Aerogel

D.H. Minh
National University of Singapore,

Keywords: cotton aerogel, fabric waste,haemorrhage control


Cotton aerogels were successfully invented from recycled cotton fibres from textile waste and using various binders such as wet-strength resin (Kymene 557H) and/or polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) following the freeze drying. The cotton aerogels may further comprise paper cellulose fibres and/or one additive such as chitosan or water repellent chemical (MTMS) for the purposes of the applications. The developed aerogels showed ultra-low density (5-23 Kg/m3), hydrophobicity (up to 143o), low thermal conductivity (35-40 mW/m.K), high oil absorption capacity (38-100 g/g). The cotton aerogel pellets comprising cellulose fibres demonstrated fast expansion time (less than 5 seconds) with the expansion ratio up to 16 and the hydrostatic pressure up to 11.5 mmHg.