Self-Healable, Stretchable and Form Conforming Electrically Driven Light Sources

B.C.K. Tee, Y.J. Tan
National University of Singapore,

Keywords: self healing dielectric material, Electroluminescent


Luminescent devices are indispensable to the modern society. Stretchable luminescence devices can further enable exciting applications in wearable electronics displays, human-machine interfaces as well as emerging soft robotics. We designed and demonstrated for the first time, a electro-mechano-opto self-healing capable electroluminescent (EL) device by developing a self-healing dielectric material that can be used as the polymer matrix for EL particles. We name this device Self-Healing ElectroLuminescent (SHEL). The self-healing dielectric material is stretchable by 800 % and has high relative dielectric permittivity of 20. Electroluminescence can be effected at 20 V at a low frequency of 10 Hz. Such repeatably self-healing EL devices can allow new potential uses in artificial electronic skins and stretchable, conformable displays that are robust to mechanical damage. SHEL heals in performance (luminance) almost instantaneously upon damage followed by pressing the fresh cut interfaces together. There is no difference in brightness before and after the damage and healing. There is no dark region observed at the damaged area. We envision that SHEL can be applied towards conformable, robust, self-repairing displays, robotics and human-machine interactive systems.