Synthesis and surface modification of bioceramic composites

N. Kalkura
Anna University,

Keywords: bioceramics, irradiation, surface modification


Synthesis of nano-HAp by various routes such as sol-gel, microwave and hydrothermal, will be discussed. The method of preparation of the samples influenced the bioactivity in a significant way. The surface roughness and wettability properties of the HAP incorporated composites were enhanced when compared to the pristine samples. Some of the fabricated composites exhibited better stability, mechanical property and haemocompatibility and hence could be used as a composite for tissue engineering and drug delivery. The nitrogen implantation significantly enhanced permittivity, ac conductivity, photoluminescence and pore size. In addition, discussion on the irradiation studies using swift heavy ions on HAp will be presented. The surface was modified in most of the cases leading to considerable changes in surface properties. The ion implantation/irradiation could be used to modify the surface and tailor the properties to fabricate multifunctional materials.