Carbon-based Advanced and Nano-enabled Technologies: Addressing Safety, Health and Environmental Aspects across the Product Life-Cycle

J.A. Shatkin, K.J. Ong, J.E. Ede
Vireo Advisors LLC,
United States

Keywords: carbon based, advanced, nano-enabled, life-cycle, bio-based, safety, methods, composites, graphene, cellulose


Advanced materials are being integrated into composites to take advantage of varied properties with many associated potential benefits, such as enhanced barrier properties, increased strength, sensing, light-weighting, labeling and improved environmental performance. Advanced materials are increasingly developed from nanoscale and bio-based technologies. As novel materials, there can be a high bar to commercial acceptance, often requiring safety demonstrations more challenging than for conventional and long accepted composite materials. For carbon-based nanomaterials such as graphene, carbon-nanotubes and celluloses, challenges include addressing uncertainties about the potential risks from exposure to composites made using advanced manufacturing, as well as simple measurement issues. The dynamic regulatory landscape introduces a diversity of requirements depending on markets, including consideration of consumer safety and end-of-life management, as well as local/state level requirements for bio-derived materials. End users and retailers can also introduce safety and sustainability requirements. Further complexities relate to the lack of established methods for demonstrating additive safety in composites and unstudied transformations that may occur under environmental conditions associated with post-manufacturing stages of the product life-cycle. This talk will explore some of the key concerns from a risk and product safety perspective, and offer recommendations about how to advance the demonstration of safety and gain market access for these exciting classes of new technologies. Case studies including 3D-printed and carbon-based nanomaterial composites containing materials such as cellulose nanomaterials and graphene will be discussed.