The Use of Focused Aerosol Deposition in the Collection and Analysis of Nanoparticles from Ultrapure Water Systems Used in Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Industry

G. Van Schooneveld, P. Keady, D. Oberreit
CT Associates, Inc,
United States

Keywords: nanoparticles, ultrapure water, nebulization


Focused Aerosol Deposition (FAD) is a technique that combines extraction of nanoparticles from UPW via nebulization with focused droplet deposition on a SEM-ready stub providing an extremely localized collection of particles as small as 5 nm. Improvements in aerosol focusing, evaporation management and direct deposition on SEM-ready media has resulted in a focal point as small as 0.005 mm2 with repeatable positioning. By maintaining a tight collection area, the time required to collect sufficient particles for analysis is reduced 50 to 90% compared to traditional filtration methods and provides improved sizing analysis via SEM and elemental analysis using Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS).