High Performance Functional Nanocomposite Materials

J. Chen
United States

Keywords: thermoelectric materials, SiGe alloy, TEG, superconductive materials, MoCu, magnetic materials, FeSi, photoelectric materials, nanocomposites


A recent development of high-performance nanocomposite Thermoelectric Materials achieved by ABM Nano LLC. Key problem solved: agglomerate and efficiency. The n-type and p-type thermoelements are doped to provide well matched thermoelectric properties of thermopower, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. ABM Nano LLC has developed advanced technology to produce Nanostructured Thermoelectric materials Bi2Te3 based alloys and SiGe alloy, Superconductive material such as Molybdenum Copper (MoCu), Magnetic materials such as FeSi or AlFeB, and other high-performance Nanocomposite.