Design of Ternary logic XOR gate using novel quantum dot gate non-volatile memory (QDNVM)

S. Karmakar
Farmingdale State College-State University of New York,
United States

Keywords: MOSFET, very large-scale integration, multivalued logic, inverter, quantum dots


Quantum dot gate nonvolatile memory (QDNVM) is a well known promising semiconductor device. The stored charge in the discrete quantum dots(QDs) in the floating gate region of the memory helps to control the threshold voltage of the device and to implement multi-valued logic (MVL). In this paper, different ternary logic gates such as ternary logic NOR, NAND and XOR using quantum dot gate non-volatile memory (QDNVM) are introduced. The comparative study of these circuits with other existing technologies is also performed in this work. The advantages and disadvantages of the designed circuits are discussed. The uniform noise margin in the QDNVM circuit is very promising. The implementation of ternary logic circuits using QDNVM will help to implement multivalued logic (MVL) for different applications in the future.