Nanocomposite Sensors for Biomedical and Energy Harvesting Applications

A.K. Batra, B.B. Bohara, C.M. Glenn
Alabama A&M University,
United States

Keywords: nanocomposites, pyroelectricity, piezoelectricity, energy harvesting, strain sensors


Recently, there has been an increase in demand for sensors for biomedical and ambient energy harvesting applications via smart materials, as such piezo- and pyro-electrics. Biomedical sensors need to be able to be both lightweight, flexible and demonstrate high piezoresistive resolution. In order to meet the pressure sensor requirements for the next generation of prosthetics, efforts were made to develop and characterize multifunctional flexible films based on nanoparticles embedded in PVDF and P(VDF-TrFE) matrix. The developed nanocomposites films could be used for both biomedical and energy harvesting applications. Nanocomposites PVDF and P(VDF-TrFE) film-sensors were fabricated via the modified solution casting method. The fabricated films were characterized by infrared and dielectric spectroscopy; performance of the sensors was determined via customized strain measurement and energy harvester testing systems. Furthermore, interesting results obtained for thermal and mechanical energy harvesting in a novel piezo-pyro-nanopaint composite film developed will also be presented. [This work is funded by NSF-HRD-1546965 grant.]