Aligned Quantum Rods as active material in polarized emitting LEDs

J. Niehaus, H. Schlicke, S. Becker, T. Jochum, H. Weller
Fraunhofer IAP-CAN,

Keywords: quantum rods, qLED, LED, polarization, electroluminescent


We present qLEDs based on quantum rods as emitting material in red and green. The high stability of the quantum rods’ emission makes them a promising material for electroluminescent devices. Further, due to their anisotropic structure, qLEDs with polarized emission can be achieved by employing aligned CdSe/CdS quantum rod as emitter layer. We will show measurements of the degree of polarization as well as further characterization of the LED devices. These polarized qLEDs are a very promising candidates for future display applications.