R3-PowerUP – the Driver for key European BCD Technologies Development focused on Smart Power and Power Discretes ICs

G. Janczyk, T. Bieniek
Institute of Electron Technology,

Keywords: BCD technology, High performance power transistors, BLDC, UAV, Drones, Mobile electronics


Growing number of power electronic applications needs high volume FABs capable to produce relatively cheap power electronic components. One can identify power-electronics market demand in area of power management and power supply. White goods such as cookers, hoovers, washing machines also incorporate power electronic controllers and drivers. Computer peripherals (HDD, printers, fans, optic-readers), home and building automation for lighting, climate (HVAC), entertainment, security and appliances form another field of power electronics application. Following the fact that numerous above mentioned appliances do not face voltages over 1kV, the set of BCD technologies (90nm and 110nm) which the R3-PowerUP project is focused on are selected for migration from 200mm substrates to 300mm substrates run on the European Pilot Line Facility for Smart Power technology - intentionally cheaper if scaled per chip for high volume production. The R3-PowerUP project coordinator (STMicroelectronics) operates BCD technologies. The overarching goal of the R3-PowerUP project joining 35 partners from 14 countries (two partners from Poland) is to enable the largest European industrial base to keep the leadership on Smart Power technology and the related product platforms. It positions itself mainly towards the higher technology readiness levels mainly TRL5 – TRL8. The efficient BCD technology-localized design and optimization of intelligent power modules (IPM) with high performance power transistors and other elements for various application fields are addressed by 10 test-vehicle designs (BCD technology demonstrators) to be pre-validated at 200mm substrates and and selectively adopted for qualification on the 300mm wafers in the European FAB line. The migration to 300mm wafer size shall involve both power discrete and advanced smart power+logic+PCM (non-volatile memories). It is highly innovative for power semiconductor IC electronics. This paper will focus on power electronics hardware and software solutions development of driver (controller + electronic commutator with high performance power transistors integrated) for brushless direct current (BLDC) motors pursued by the authors’ team and R3-PowerUP project partners. Various BLDC control modes are available for implementation to achieve operation in controlled power or torque modes assuring precise rotation speed control. Available BLDC driving modes will be presented in details along with hardware implementation scenarios available for integrated and for hybrid solutions. Preliminary applications and electro-mechanical parameters will be discussed.