Non-Metallic Solar Heat Control Coating for Automotive and Architectural Windows

E. Ryabova
Advenira Enterprises, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: nano-composites, non-metallic, heat reduction, RF-transparent, liquid technology, instant dry


SDN® AdvenSol® is patent-protected non-metallic, neutral color, reflective Solar Heat control coating family for laminated and monolithic glass –both flat and curved. It is processed at room temperature by any liquid-dispensing method using off the shelf equipment. Solidified in minutes. (applicable to polycarbonate and other plastics as well) Effective at blocking undesirable UV and NIR from AM1.5 solar spectrum, while allowing mobile & sensors signals in.  Extremely durable single layer coating provides all benefits of solar heat reduction, does not require protection or sealing . Design flexibility - Tvis, TIR, SHGC, Color Fully compatible with standard glass processing: cutting, washing, tempering, bending, lamination, etc.