Catalyst Design Approaches to Activate Dioxygen: Implications in Partial Oxidation of Methane and Light Hydrocarbons

P. Nandi
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering,
United States

Keywords: bimetallic alloy, Au-Pd, O2 activation


Dioxygen is the most abundant oxidant available in nature for upgrading methane. The theme of this talk will be on dioxygen activation at heterogeneous gas-solid and solid-liquid interface for partial oxidation of methane. Initially a supported bimetallic catalyst based on Au-Pd on titania that is active for O2 activation and forms hydrogen peroxide in presence of H2 in water will be discussed. Based on these results we went on testing this material for C-H activation and partial oxidation of light alkanes. Detailed characterization of the materials and catalytic testing results will be presented.