SLIPS Amphiphilic Hybrids as promising environmental fouling control coatings

T. Galhenage, A. Vena, C. Cannon, T. Hunsucker, C. Khatri, A. Labak, T. Banks, P. Kim, J. Lomakin
Adaptive Surface Technologies Inc,
United States

Keywords: biofouling, SLIPS, Amphiphilic, Fouling Control, Hybrid Coatings


Non-toxic fouling control solutions are highly desirable given the uncertainty of regulatory restriction on anti-fouling coatings with active biocides. Slippery Liquid Infused Porous Surfaces (SLIPS) are a commercially viable non-toxic material solution for biofouling control. Unlike traditional fouling release coatings, SLIPS present a slippery surface which results in self-cleaning properties. We report combining SLIPS materials with surface active amphiphilic compounds also known to have fouling control properties. The resulting SLIPS amphiphilic hybrid surfaces show a synergistic combination of surface behavior associated with effective incorporation of both technologies into a fouling control surface. The surfaces maintain low sliding angle associated with SLIPS, and also displaying dynamic wetting behavior associated with the presence of amphiphilic surface. Laboratory and field test results suggest that SLIPS amphiphilic hybrids demonstrate a new and promising combination of technologies with effective fouling release performance. This work is in part funded by ARPA-E (Contract no. DE-AR0000759) and completed with generous support of Office of Naval Research.