Novel Sol-Gel Technology for Corrosion Prevention and Easy-Cleaning Applications

M. Clancy
United States

Keywords: hydrophobic coating


Through its Advanced Technology Group (ATG), UltraTech has produced a novel sol-gel coating technology which excels in corrosion prevention and easy cleaning applications. Originally developed for military applications, this hybrid organic-inorganic coating is keeping surfaces significantly cleaner and is preventing corrosion in many industrial and commercial applications. While many surface technologies have successfully reached the goal of fluid-shedding, many lack the durability needed to survive in commercial and industrial applications. UltraTech’s Gentoo Coating is incredibly dense and chemical resistant. It demonstrates fluid repellency with excellent durability. Gentoo can be applied to wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metals, plastics, and painted surfaces in a single step by dip, flow, brush, roller, or spray application. Surfaces coated with Gentoo have demonstrated easy-cleaning, easy ice removal, antifouling, corrosion resistance, and rain repellency. Gentoo combines the hardness and barrier properties of a ceramic and the flexibility of a tough polymer leading to excellent durability. Gentoo is currently being used for keeping industrial equipment cleaner and for preventing corrosion on commercial products. It is being evauated in an array of applications in the automotive, aerospace, marine, and consumer goods spaces.