Nanostructured Manganese Oxides for Energy Storage

K.J. Takeuchi, E.S. Takeuchi, A.C. Marschilok
Stony Brook University,
United States

Keywords: manganese oxide, battery, crystallite size, synthesis


Manganese is desirable due to its high environmental abundance and low cost. Some manganese oxides (α-MnO2, Mn8O16) possess a tunneled structure comprised of one-dimensional 2 × 2 tunnels formed by corner and edge sharing manganese octahedral [MnO6] units which can be substituted in the central tunnel by a variety of cations of varying size, providing a robust framework for ion insertion and (de)insertion. Control of composition and crystallite size through scalable synthesis approaches will be described in this presentation. Impact of nanostructure on capacity and capacity retention in lithium and beyond lithium batteries will also be discussed.