AMP immobilized low-k dielectrics for on-chip biosensor

A. Shende, B. Maddipudi, V.S. Amar, H. Dosch, R.V. Shende
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology,
United States

Keywords: Low-k porous thin films, AMP, immobilization, biosensor


Low-k dielectric porous thin-film substrates were prepared on ITO by surfactant templating assisted sol-gel followed by spin coating in a controlled humidity environment. Gel composition of alkoxides dissolved in ethanol containing CTAC or pluronic123 was studied with respect to aging time, temperature, and surfactant and alkoxide concentrations. As spun thin-film substrates were subjected initially to soft-bake and followed by annealing at 400oC. Effect of surfactant /porogen concentration was studied on the pore size and porosity. Contact angle measurements were performed to understand hydrophilic or hydrophobic nature of the films. Films were characterized for dielectric constant and immobilized with antimicrobial peptides (AMP) under controlled environment. Bonding of AMP with low-k films was investigated using spectroscopic techniques whereas biosensing ability was tested using impedance analyzer. Fabrication and characterization of low-k porous thin films, and results obtained with AMP binding and biosensing ability will be presented.