CMOS-MEMS Devices for Communication Systems and Nano Instrumentations

R. Mansour
University of Waterloo,

Keywords: CMOS, MEMS, communications


This talk introduces a new class of devices and instrumentations that leverage the myriad economic benefits of having integrated systems with both electrical and mechanical functionality on a single-chip. This is enabled by a CMOS post-processing technique developed at the University of Waterloo to create MEMS devices within CMOS chips. We integrate actuation, sensing and control electronics on a single CMOS-chip. This unique chip-scaled technology platform enables the development of highly advanced devices for a wide range of applications including radio frequency (RF) communication systems and nano-instrumentations. The talk will address in particular the use of CMOS-MEMS technology in the realization of instrumentations such an atomic force microscope (AFM) and scanning microwave microscope (SMM) on a single CMOS chip.