Durability of 3D printed construction materials

Z. Lafhaj, Z. Dakhli, F. El Fgaeir
Centrale Lille,

Keywords: 3D Printing, construction materials


3D printing in construction now has significant development potential in new building construction and renovation. While the digital and robotics technologies did develop well for construction 3D printing, the material side still faces critical issues to meet the evolving requirements for buildings. The choice of building materials is an essential step in enabling sustainable printed building that consider the energy and societal challenges. This choice is based on a set of technical, economic and aesthetic use criteria, as well as environmental ones. This work focuses. In order to evaluate the properties that influence the durability of cementitious matrix materials. The tests carried out compare the performance of the different formulations. This research aims at developing performance indicators for the 3D printed materials in construction regardless of the nature of the material.