An Efficient Non-enzymatic Electrocatalyst based on CuO/Ag Nanoparticle for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Glucose

P. Viswanathan, J-Dl Hong

Keywords: nonezymatic glucose sensor, CuO/Ag nanoparticle, biocompatibility, nanocomposite


An efficient CuO/Ag nanoparticle (NP)-based electrocatalyst was developed for the non-enzymatic glucose detection using facile synthetic protocol. Ag-CuO(1:2.5) showed the best result towards the detection of glucose among Ag-CuO(1:1), Ag-CuO(1:2.5), Ag-CuO(1:5), and Ag-CuO(1:10) composed of Ag and CuO in molar ratio. The Ag-CuO(1:2.5) sensor exhibited a linear glucose detection range of 5 ┬ÁM to 12.23 mM with decent sensitivity and excellent selectivity. The present sensor is applicable for the detection of glucose in real human saliva and urine owing to its high selectivity and low detection limit.